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Rent Business Capital for Finance or Business Transactions... -without Collateral and with fast Approvals.

Title Deeds

from Persons and Companies acknowledged by German Notary

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Mortgage Letters

from Austrian and German Real Estate with Certificate and without

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Combination Title Deed and Mortgage Letter

from Persons and Companies additional Mortgage Letters from German and Austrian Real Estate

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More Nigeria Connection

You will find on the Finance Market many offers from so-called Private Investors and most of them are just not feasable and some of them are just fraud. You will find clever Business People offering you Russian or Argentinian Billionaires. […]

Dieb auf der lauer

Doubtful Loan Agreements

Many doubtful loan offers have their origin with the so-called “Nigeria-Connection”, -an African Fraudster Club who really does not care about anything. They spam since many years all advertisements with big publications. This might be the reason many people believe […]


Be Careful with Foreign Private Loans

Private Funds from Arabic Billionaires and from the Widow of Saddam Hussein, -there is a long list of fraudulent loan offers. They ask you to send your address and a copy of your ID but you will never receive a […]

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PAN21 is a specialised Consultancy working on solving Problems for small and middle-sized Companies. We are working Internationally with a small Team of Experts and experienced Merchants and offer cost-effective and efficient Solutions.

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